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Eligible Pest Control Businesses

Our programs provide coverage for businesses offering:

  1. Pest Control and exterminator services performed at businesses, factories, institutions, hotels, recreation, private houses or apartments.
  2. Applying treatment in and around buildings.
  3. Control of ants, bees, insects, wasps, or other bugs.
  4. Rodent and wildlife removal, including birds or small mammals.
  5. Pest inspection and consulting, including Termite Inspections, WDI Inspections, etc.

Pest Control Business Insurance requirements for this program are:

  • Proper license as required by jurisdiction.
  • Certification for specialized applications.
  • Chemical and pollution coverage complies with all state and federal laws, specific to each jurisdiction.
  • 3 to 5 year Loss History.
  • $500 per claim / $5000 per occurrence or other deductibles may apply.

We insure Pest Control Businesses and insure Wildlife Control in the following areas: