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Indiana Pest Control Business Insurance

How do I apply for Indiana Pest Control Applicator Insurance?

We make applying for Indiana Pest Control Business Insurance easy by offering a fast Online Application, or you can Download Application and return by fax or Send Secure Message.


Apply Online      Download Application      Send Secure Message


What type of Indiana Pest Control Business Insurance do you offer, and from which insurance carriers?

We’re familiar with most insurance carriers and options available for the Pest Control industry in Indiana. After over a decade offering Pest Control industry coverage, we typically know which insurance carrier offers best solution for your needs.  We are independent agents and not restricted to a single carrier or broker.  We offer all property and casualty insurance products, including:

  1. Indiana Pest Control Commercial General Liability
  2. Indiana Pest Control Commercial Auto
  3. Indiana Pest Control Umbrella/Excess
  4. Indiana Pest Control Errors & Omissions
  5. Indiana Pest Control Professional Liability
  1. Indiana Pest Control Pollution Liability
  2. Indiana Pest Inspection Damage Liability
  3. Indiana EPLI/Employment Benefits Liability
  4. Indiana Building Property
  5. Indiana Business Equipment, materials, supplies


What are the qualifications to obtain Indiana Pest Control Business Insurance?

Applications for pest control general liability, errors & omissions, and business insurance coverage include:

  1. Complete application;
  2. Provide 3 to 5 year loss runs;
  3. Provide your customer agreement or client contract.

Can you find insurance coverage for new Indiana Pest Control Businesses without prior policy or coverage?

YES!  If you’re starting a new Indiana Pest Applicator Business, we can place your business with top tier insurance carriers provided you have:

  1. Minimum 3 years prior direct experience in pest control industry – provide resume, fully completed LinkedIn profile or other documentation;
  2. Provide marketing materials such as brochure, flyer, website, or marketing plan;

Can you find insurance coverage for new Indiana Pest Control Businesses without prior experience?

YES! If you have completed required educational and licensing requirements, upon licensure we have options for new businesses without prior experience.  Policy costs and fees will be higher, and typically offer less value compared to state admitted policies.  After you maintain insurance for 3 to 5 years, we can usually place your Pest Control Applicator Policy with a more cost effective insurer.

How long does the application process take before I can get my Certificate of Insurance?

Once you submit application to us for Indiana Pest Control Liability Insurance, we’ll review to see if we have any questions.  We often have questions, and your prompt attention and reply when we contact you for clarification will keep application process moving.  Once submitted to insurance carrier, we typically have response from insurance carrier within 3 business days or less.  Once approved and you submit a request to bind with down payment, we can issue a Certificate of Insurance within 4 business hours.

How much does an Indiana Pest Control Applicator insurance policy cost?

We work with many insurance carriers offering Indiana Pest Control Insurance.  Each carrier determines their own rates, which are typically based on a variety of factors.  Most important is prior insurance and loss history.  For General Liability and Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions coverage only, with a top tiered carrier and minimum premium, cost can be under $300 per year. For new businesses or higher risk pest control activities, cost often starts around $1200 per year.  Best prices… we beat any scheduled rate!

Where do you offer Indiana Pest Control Business Liability Insurance?

We offer Pest Control Applicator Insurance in all counties and jurisdictions across Indiana.  We forward your Certificate of Insurance directly to the State Chemist at Purdue.