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Top 3 Reasons Every Pest Control Business Needs a Surety Bond

We’ve all seen the advertisements “Licensed, Bonded & Insured.” But there is a lot of confusion regarding indemnity and small...

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Pest Control Insurance: Save on Fees, Taxes & Never Look Back

Admitted Insurance Coverage An ‘admitted’ pest control business insurance coverage simply means an insurance program achieves minimum standards set by...

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How to Avoid Pest Control Business Claims and Lawsuits

Businesses offering services for enough time will face lawsuits or liability claims.  That’s just the nature of business.  Our carriers...


Pest Control Claim Example: WDI Inspection

Pest inspection by licensed company discovered no live termites, however they found dead termites and displayed them to owner of...


Pest Control Claim Example: WDI Inspection

A termite inspection firm was hired to look over a home for termites before closing.  The pest control termite inspector...