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Top 3 Reasons Every Pest Control Business Needs a Surety Bond

We’ve all seen the advertisements “Licensed, Bonded & Insured.” But there is a lot of confusion regarding indemnity and small business.  Many states do not require licensed businesses maintain a surety bond, only insurance.

Pest Control Service Bonds start at $100/year… if it gets you one new customer, isn’t it worth it?

As many pest control business owners are concerned primarily with their bottom line, they opt to only carry the minimum insurance and don’t have a surety bond at all.  This might be good for the budget, but only if you never need it.

Here’s the Top 3 Reasons Every Pest Control Business needs a Surety Bond.


    Business service surety bonds instills consumer trust and protection. A business service bond protects currency or property lost due to employee dishonesty can be replaced.  A business service surety bond may offer coverage where an insurance policy will not.


    Gain an edge up on the competition, be sure to include ‘Bonded’ on all advertising, business cards, websites, social media and verbally when discussing your business with clients. If they’re considering more than one pest control company, ask if the others are bonded.


    When a claim isn’t covered by insurance, a business service surety bond may protect your business from liability and make your customer whole again without additional out of pocket costs.  Word gets around when businesses take care of their customers… or don’t.

Business Service Surety Bonds for your Pest Control Business start at $100 per year.

While there are many options for Pest Control Insurance and Business Surety Bonds, and we have many options, our carrier bonds:

  • NO application, NO underwriting, NO credit check
  • Instant Issue, receive a bill in the mail with NO pre-payment
  • NO deductible, Coverage for sole proprietors, NO traditional conviction clause

Other names for this type of surety bond is a Janitorial Bond, Crime Bond, or Service Bond.

With all those great NO’s… it’s time to say YES, increase your business revenue, build customer trust… call or email us Today for a quote!

Has your insurance agent mentioned a surety bond?

Our carriers are the lowest cost in the industry.  Bring your best prices, our carriers typically do better than match!  Bonds start at $100/year… These bonds are instant issue, too, so there’s little waiting.  Is your pest control business in Indiana, Michigan or OhioCALL or MESSAGE ME NOW to get bonded.

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